Why Niesh?

Niesh is a designer boutique selling premium quality womenís accessories. Upon popular demand from our local and international customers, we created our heavenly online shopping store. We offer a safe environment for online shopping in Dubai, UAE and the rest of the world. We are one of the first few Dubai based stores offering online shopping for women. Niesh is known for itís designer shoes and handbags but our handmade clutches and jewelry are one of a kind pieces which can now be purchase at our online shopping mall. Buying online in UAE has never been easier with free shipping in UAE. Happy shopping!

the online store

Niesh now offers online shopping for women all around the world. We are one of the trendiest online shopping stores in Dubai, UAE. Our online shopping mall offers a variety of womenís accessories,shoes,purses and handbags.You could also check out some of our exclusive Iphone and Ipad Cases. Our aim is to promote online shopping in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE by offering our entire product range on our website. Buying online in UAE has never been easier. Go ahead and take a look at our online store or come by our locations to browse through our designer collection.